Hong Kong protests: Fires blaze as police move on university campus


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Media captionProtesters around Hong Kong Polytechnic University have armed themselves with an array of weapons

Hong Kong Police have moved on hundreds of protesters occupying a university campus after a long standoff.

There are large fires at entrances to the Polytechnic University (PolyU), where protesters have been hurling petrol bombs and shooting arrows at police from behind barricades.

Officers earlier warned they could use live ammunition if protesters did not stop attacking them using such weapons.

Months of anti-government protests have caused turmoil in the city.

The latest violence is however some of the worst the semi-autonomous Chinese territory has seen since the movement began. The police have become targets for radical demonstrators, who accuse them of excessive force.

Demonstrators have been occupying the PolyU for days. Fresh clashes between protesters and the security forces erupted on Sunday, with tear gas and water cannon being met with petrol bombs, bricks and other improvised weapons.

A police media liaison officer was wounded in the leg with an arrow.

Sporadic battles continued into Monday morning, with police making a push to re-take the campus at about 05:30 local time (21:30 GMT).

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