Huawei, Impeachment Hearings, NATO: Your Thursday Briefing


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Good morning.

We’re covering President Trump’s challenges in the U.S. and abroad, shifting views toward Huawei at home and a mysterious North Korean threat.

Trump challenged at home and abroad

As President Trump left a tense NATO meeting in London, the impeachment process at home entered a new phase.

Mr. Trump abandoned plans for a final news conference after the NATO meeting, and he called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada “two-faced” after a video surfaced in which Mr. Trudeau and other world leaders appeared to mock Mr. Trump.

He returns to Washington, where the House Intelligence Committee’s inquiry has concluded, and the House Judiciary Committee is taking up the question of whether to recommend his impeachment.

At the hearings: Three scholars of the U.S. Constitution said that Mr. Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine for political gain clearly met the historical definition of impeachable offenses. But a scholar invited by Republicans offered a dissent, calling the Democrats’ case “slipshod.”

NATO’s future: The alliance faces bigger challenges than political squabbles, write our correspondents. They are focusing on a rising China and Turkey’s wavering commitment to the alliance,

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