North Korean missile and Kim Jong-un’s ‘Christmas gift’ decision


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Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un shaking hands at the DMZ in June

Kim Jong-un has a big decision to make.

Talks with Donald Trump have not gone to plan. Strict economic sanctions remain in place and it appears Washington is not going to budge despite Pyongyang’s insistence that they come up with another deal to resolve the nuclear issue by the end of the year.

Donald Trump, too, seems to be frustrated. He has once again hinted at the possibility of military action against North Korea if necessary, despite highlighting his “good relationship” with the North Korean leader.

These next few weeks may be critical for US-North Korean diplomacy.

“I think we’re seeing the start of what could be a return to a very familiar crisis in 2020,” Ankit Panda, North Korea expert at the Federation of American Scientists, told the BBC.

“We’re beginning to see the scenario that many of us had warned of from the get-go of diplomacy: a capricious and irritable Trump coming to terms with the reality of his reality-TV diplomacy with North Korea.”

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