Impeachment Sealed As Trump Directly Ordered His Cabinet To Deal With Rudy Giuliani On Ukraine


Trump ordered Energy and State Department officials to deal directly with Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine.

CNN reported:

President Donald Trump directed Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and two top State Department officials to deal with his private attorney Rudy Giuliani when the Ukrainian President sought to meet Trump, in a clear circumvention of official channels, according to two sources familiar with the conversation.


Trump’s push to have Giuliani as gatekeeper is more direct than what was previously disclosed by one of the meeting’s participants in his statement to the House last week. It also further demonstrates how significant Giuliani was in brokering access to the President regarding Ukraine policy and in passing messages to other administration officials.

If there were any remaining questions about Trump avoiding impeachment, this news should seal his fate. Rudy Giuliani wasn’t leading the scheme to force Ukraine to investigate Biden. Donald Trump was. Trump directed members of his administration to work with his personal lawyer on the Ukraine scam. House Democrats already

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