Spanish elections: Socialists win amid far right surge


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The far-right Vox made huge gains

The governing Socialist Party in Spain has won the most seats in the general election but fallen short of a majority as the far-right Vox party made huge gains.

The opposition conservative Popular Party came in second place, while Vox came third, increasing its vote share by more than double.

Right-wing parties have the most votes combined, though no majority.

Spain has not had a stable government since 2015.

This was the country’s fourth election in as many years and was called following an inconclusive poll in April.

But the result means the left and right blocs are still far from having an absolute majority in the 350-seat parliament.

Voter turnout at 18:00 local time (17:00 GMT) was 56.8%, almost four points lower than the April ballot.

Spanish politics has become increasingly fragmented in recent years with the emergence of new parties.

What are the results?

The final results show the Socialists (PSOE) winning 120 of the parliament’s 350 seats, while Vox has 52,

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