How the G.O.P. Stretched Hard to Defend Trump on Race and Gender


A video featuring four tenants in a New York City Housing Authority building complaining about conditions there and bashing Bill de Blasio, the Democratic mayor of New York, was put to service for the Trump campaign without permission, according to three of them.

“I am not a Trump supporter,” said one of the tenants, Claudia Perez. “I am not a supporter of his racist policies on immigration.”

Earlier in the week, the convention showed five immigrants being naturalized in the White House, as a beaming Mr. Trump watched in one of many displays of presidential pageantry that were highlighted in the convention. But several of the new American citizens later said they were unaware that the video of the moment would be used in the convention.

In a speech on the final night of the convention, Ann Dorn, fighting back tears, recounted how her husband, David Dorn, a retired St. Louis Police captain, was shot dead during the looting of a store following protests of the killing of Mr. Floyd. “President Trump knows we need more Davids in our communities, not fewer,” she said.

But Mr. Dorn himself did not support Mr. Trump, his daughters told The St. Louis American. “I know he would not want his legacy to be for his death to be used to further Trump’s law-and-order agenda,” said one of his daughters, Debra White.

And Jack Brewer, another former National Football League player and member of Black Voices for Trump, who spoke for the presi

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