Huge stash of walnuts squirreled away under car bonnet in US


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Mr Persil said there were around 200 walnuts hidden in the car

A couple in the US city of Pittsburgh found a surprise stash of hundreds of walnuts hidden under their car bonnet.

The nuts, along with a lot of grass, are believed to have been collected there by squirrels making preparations for winter.

Chris Persic posted photos of the car on Facebook warning that “rodents and vehicles do not mix”.

Holly Persic only discovered the hoard when she was driving and noticed a burning smell and strange sound.

After looking under the bonnet, she found the stash, which the couple attempted to clear out before taking the car to a mechanic.

“Was absolutely nuts… no pun intended,” Mr Persic said in his Facebook post.

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The original photo posted on Facebook

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