China Doesn’t Want Multi-Polar Asia Which India Does: Shyam Saran


Shyam Saran said it is not necessary that China wants to occupy additional territory.

New Delhi: 

China does not believe in a multi-polar Asia where there is a cluster of major powers and will not accept a hierarchical order in which India is a “parallel power”, former foreign secretary Shyam Saran said on Wednesday.

Noting that India-China relationship is in essence “adversarial”, he said there is a “strong sense” of competition and rivalry between the two countries.

“If I interpret China’s approach, it is very much linked to how China looks upon itself…its history…its civilisation. There is no doubt China believes, and believes quite genuinely, that its natural position is more dominant certainly in Asia if not in the world,” Shyam Saran said while speaking at a round table on India-China relations organised by the India Foundation.

Underlining that China does not believe in multi-polarity, he said,”…China does not believe that Asia should be the place wh

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