Joe Biden apologises for 1998 remark on lynching


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After decrying President Donald Trump for labelling impeachment a “lynching”, his rival Joe Biden has apologised for once having made similar remarks.

Mr Biden, a top Democratic presidential candidate, said it was “abhorrent” and “despicable” that Mr Trump tweeted the racially loaded term on Tuesday.

But it emerged that in 1998, Mr Biden used the same word to pillory President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

Lynching refers to historic killings by white mobs mainly against black people.

  • Trump calls impeachment inquiry ‘a lynching’

Mr Trump’s invocation of the racist chapter of US history to describe a constitutionally enshrined political process provoked outrage from both major parties.

But it was later revealed that several Democratic lawmakers who criticised Mr Trump for the “lynching” comment had used the same word in the 1990s to defend Mr Clinton.

How did this all begin?

The furore began on Tuesday morning when Mr Trump tweeted to criticise the congressional inquiry that may seek to remove him from office.

The impeachment investigation is examining whether the Republican president abused his office by improperly pressuring Ukraine to launch an investigation into former US Vice-President Joe Biden,

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