Joe Biden Returns to Scranton to Outline Economic Policy


As President Trump heads to Pittsburgh to deliver a speech on Wednesday, Joseph R. Biden Jr. will be on the other side of the state seeking to draw sharp contrasts with the president on economic policy and biography, and to make overtures to the longtime Democrats who voted for Mr. Trump, helping him to win Pennsylvania in 2016.

Mr. Biden, who was born in Scranton, Pa., is expected to give an address on Wednesday morning on the middle class in the northeastern Pennsylvania city where he has maintained close ties. President Obama won the state in 2012, but in 2016, many working-class, more culturally conservative Democrats there embraced Mr. Trump’s message of economic populism, his hard-line approach to immigration and his disdain for the political class in Washington, reflecting a broader national trend that helped deliver him the White House.

Democrats have been arguing ever since about how to recapture those voters, and how much to focus on them.

In a statement released ahead of the speech, Mr. Biden painted the president as a corrupt and entitled member of the elite and argued that the president’s policies, like his tax measure, don’t help working people.

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