Netanyahu and Pompeo Seek Heightened Pressure on Iran in Wake of Violent Protests


LISBON, Portugal — Protests in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to hold hastily planned talks on Wednesday, aimed at ramping up pressure on Tehran and reducing its sprawling influence in the region.

But before the 90-minute meeting, the Israeli leader signaled he had other goals in mind as well: securing the Trump administration’s support for a defense treaty and, potentially, Mr. Netanyahu’s plans to annex the Jordan Valley.

The meeting itself appeared to yield few, if any, new resolutions. After it ended, the State Department said the two leaders discussed “Iran’s destabilizing influence in the region” and did not offer any additional steps in their shared maximum pressure campaign against Tehran.

“The first subject that I will raise is Iran, the second subject is Iran, and so is the third, and many more,” Mr. Netanyahu told reporters before the meeting began in Lisbon. He rushed to Portugal’s capital after repeatedly asking for the meeting while Mr. Pompeo was in Europe to attend a gathering of North Atlantic Treaty Organization leaders in London.

“Iran’s aggression is growing, but its empire is tottering,” Mr.

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